COVID’s Effect on CCC Students

By Saide Dowou

Capital Community College

Have you ever felt powerless over a thing that you could not control? It has been over a year now that a virus hit our world. It is named coronavirus or Covid 19, and it has been spreading all over the world. It has shaped the ways some students like me in community college study and live. According to VOA News Learning English, our lives might never be the same after Covid, socially and academically. As a spokesman Aaron Glatt, Infectious Diseases Society of America, said that there will be a fewer Americans who will get closer to each other; this is mostly true for majority of people. December 07, 2020 (“How Will Our Lives Change”). As a result community college students are concerned about their academic performance in the college. In addition, a student like me at Capital Community College is not thrilled doing online classes, but it is better than putting my learning on hold. Lack of motivation, less focus and an increase of anxiety and stress are the effects of Covid 19 pandemic on community college students. 

As a result of Covid 19, many Connecticut Community College students lost their motivation for learning, studying and their willingness to make impact in their lives. This means that some students at Capital Community College do not want to give an effort regarding their education. And those who were excited to start College were so disappointed when the classes moved online, which is less effective. Online learning requires a lot of discipline. In addition, some students who were working hard to graduate may not be able to graduate in person or on time because of Covid 19. Covid 19 has changed the way our professors lecture us in classroom, using eye contact and giving us a real-life examples for us to understand. Coronavirus caused some damage in some students’ lives at community college. Due to loss of motivation some Connecticut Community College students are falling behind and getting a lower grade because they have never taken online classes before. In students’ lives it is very important to be motivated. It will help them to achieve a great thing and to be positive. Without motivation nothing can be achieved. 

In addition, because of Covid 19, some community college students have lost focus on their main objective in life. This means that students are not totally concentrating on their majors, future, and school because they are frightened how the pandemic has hit the world. To be focused means no distraction. Without focus students could not be able to meet their goals. During the pandemic, community college students are undecided about their majors. This means that they are unsure about their major or goals in their lives because of the concern about the virus’s spread. Therefore, Connecticut Community College students do not want to take any risk concerning their education because they might get a lower grade and it will affect academic performance. 

Another consequence of the coronavirus in community college students is increasing of anxiety. This means that students like me in Connecticut Community College are fearful, and uneasy. This means that a lot of community college students live in fear because they are wondering how their lives and their futures will change. It is not good for the health of students to live in a fear and unease. The Covid 19 pandemic gives a lot of community college students stress because more students are facing a lot of pressure at home. For instance, they are taking care of family, little brother, sister and helping parents at home. In addition, stress is also the major effect on community college students because doing online classes and taking care of siblings and helping parents puts a lot of pressure on students and take away time from their class preparation. 

Overall, one of the silver linings of Covid 19 is that Capital Community College students are discovering their hidden talents. For instance, a student like me would not know how to type fast on One Drive and share a document with my professor. The most positive things that Covid 19 brought into my life as a community college student is to be able to teach my grandmother how to use the internet and do video. Also, without the Covid 19 I would not know how essential technology is in our daily life as students. As a student, Covid 19 have provided me with some challenges and improvement in some areas of my life. 

Works Cited

“How Will Our Lives Change After COVID is Gone?” VOA Learning English, VOA News, Dec. 7, 2020.

Course: ESL 162, Spring 2021

Assignment: Cause and effect essay

Instructor: Linda Cocchiola

Photo Credit: Pixel, licensed by Creative Commons.

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  1. You make some really good points. I’m glad you are able to see some of the positive things that have come out of Covid. Thank you for sharing!

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