Jail Talk

By Patricia Vasquez There’s a time in my life I could remember when I really enjoyed and loved to read and write. That was when I was writing love letters to my at the time boyfriend about 17 years ago. One of my best friends was incarcerated at the time. He and I were on... Continue Reading →

Painting Through My Writing

By Karla C. Rodriguez Huerta I am an immigrant - the kind you hear about in the news. Families cross the U.S border and some make it, others get caught doing this and they get deported back or separated and pray that one day they will be reunited. I’ve been here for 22 years, and... Continue Reading →

Breaking Down The Barriers

By Jacob Martinez Platt High school was covered with blue and yellow banners draping the walls and HUGE panthers painted on everything within sight. Before I get the chance to look around at the big space, I was immediately greeted by the resource officer, Officer Blake, who was at least 7 feet tall and had... Continue Reading →

Chew And Pour

By Isabella Boateng “Chew and Pour, pass and forget” was a learning strategy that I and most of my mates adopted for my primary and secondary school education in Ghana (elementary and high school here). In Ghana, the term “chew and pour, pass and forget” is a metaphor which means memorizing to pass a test... Continue Reading →

Barrage (A Whole Lot)

By Natavia Edwards Barrage means “a whole lot” in Patois, and that’s how the experience was when I migrated to the United States, and everything prior to that day. It all started when I was 9 years old. I was watching a movie with my grandmother on her brown couch in the living room about a boy who couldn’t speak. I said aloud, “Poor him, him cah speak”, and my grandmother replied, “Don’t seh nunin ca yuh cah speak nietha wen yuh di younga.”... Continue Reading →

Words I Cannot Say

By Shaquana Johnson Silence can be so loud when you are lost in your own thoughts. The constant vibrations from the fish tank's filter were the only real noise in the room. The doctor’s office was large, with mostly white walls except for one. It had a large colorful mural of children playing in the street... Continue Reading →

The English Nightmare Awakens

By Janeese Wilson Sitting on an old worn out looking desk, in a dark, gloomy classroom, straight out of a horror movie, was just the beginning of my nightmare. Upon that desk was a pencil and sheet of writing paper uncontrollably laughing at me. My ankles were shackled to the chipped wooden legs of the... Continue Reading →


By Brittany Anderson My kindergarten class was the biggest room in the school at the time in Charter Oak Elementary School. It was the only room with a bathroom, full kitchen, drinking fountain, fireplace that wasn’t being used, and fountain that stop being used. I loved the room. It had huge windows through which I... Continue Reading →

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