Cat Box Shoes

By Clifford RootI woke up and started getting ready for school as usual. The morning had a very thick fog due to the rain the night before. I was all dressed but could not find my shoes. I searched all over for them for a while and then realized I had left them outside when... Continue Reading →

Words I Cannot Say

By Shaquana Johnson Silence can be so loud when you are lost in your own thoughts. The constant vibrations from the fish tank's filter were the only real noise in the room. The doctor’s office was large, with mostly white walls except for one. It had a large colorful mural of children playing in the street... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving and COVID in 2020

By Kingsley Acevedo This image by Signe Wilkinson published by The Philadelphia Inquirer is very relevant in our lives and in America right now. We just celebrated our Thanksgiving holiday. Thanksgiving is usually a time of friend and family gatherings. This year it was especially hard on most. A lot of reunions take place on... Continue Reading →

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